Band Schedule

FRIDAY           March 10
3:00pm           Band Scramble
5:00pm           Monsoon Sky

SATURDAY     March 11
9:45am           National Anthem
10:00am          Jam Pak
11:00am          The Cross-Eyed Possum
12:00pm         Buck Jumpers
1:00pm           The Sonoran Dogs
2:00pm           North of Lonesome
3:00pm           The Arizona Wildflowers
4:00pm.          Sierra Sweethearts
5:00pm.          The Central Valley Boys

Sunday           March 12
9:00am         Open mic Gospel
10:45 am.      National Anthem
11:00am         Jam Pak
12:00pm        Hamilton Beech
1:00pm          Sonoran Dogs
2:00pm         Sierra Sweethearts
3:00pm         The Central Valley Boys