A Bluegrass Journey

With the Desert Bluegrass Association
We invite you to join us for a journey into bluegrass music. Our members have contributed songs covering a wide spectrum of bluegrass music: from soulful mountain tunes to traditional hard driving numbers to sentimental ballads. You will hear original songs written by our members as well as traditional favorites as you experience the many different styles of grass roots bluegrass music.

Song List
  1.  Dena Javalina (Orig. by Tim O’Connor) – Morton, O’Connor & Davies
  2.  Midnight On the Stormy Deep (Traditional) – Spring City Grass
  3.  Just a Stone’s Throw Away (Orig. by Harl Baggett) – Thelma Carpenter
  4.  Remington Ride (H. Remmington & H. Penny/Ft. Knox Music & Trio Music, BMI) –     Raw Deal
  5.  Billy McGee (L. Drumm & P. Gobel/FanQuier Music, BMI) – Shadow Mountain
  6.  Wandering Boy (A.P. Carter, BMI) – Big Jim Griffith
  7.  Ragtime Annie (Traditional) – Spring City Grass
  8.  Tennessee Snow (K. Orrick/L.H. Road Music, BMI) – Ross Riggs
  9.  Poor Little Janet (Orig. by Marilyn Ryan) – Marilyn Ryan Hulbert
  10.  My Soul Is Gonna Live On (W. Gaither/Gaither Music) – Raw Deal
  11.  Done Gone (Traditional) – Joe Reighly
  12.  Shady Grove (Traditional) – Spring City Grass
  13.  Mary Anne (Orig. by Rudy Mamula) – Sam Mamula
  14.  John Hardy (Traditional) – Degrees Plato
  15.  House of the Rising Sun (Traditional/Arr. by Howard Anderson) – Shadow Mountain
  16.  (Can’t You Hear) Jerusalem Moan (Traditional/Arr. by Joe Reighly) – Joe Reighly
  17.  Bill Monroe (Orig. by Marilyn Ryan) – Marilyn Ryan Hulbert
  18.  The Old Rock Chimney (Orig. by Harl Baggett) – Thelma Carpenter
  19.  Lost Feather (Orig. by Irv Wright) – Shadow Mountain
  20.  Blonde On the Bass (Orig. by Rudy Mamula) – Sam Mamula
  21.  Eyes So Much Like Mine (Orig. by Bonnie Lohman) – Bonnie Lohman
  22.  Don’t Be Gone So Long (Orig. by Bill Breen) – Shadow Mountain
  23.  Short Life and It’s Troubled (Traditional) – Big Jim Griffith
  24.  Beaver’s Revenge (Orig. by Gary Cole) – Lester Brothers

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