Fresh Apples

“FRESH APPLES’ toe-tapping feel-good music features stirring and beautifully blended vocal harmonies by Meryl Brown and Doc Rolland. Meryl’s rock-solid guitar rhythm creates a grooving background for the stellar leadwork on fiddle, mandolin & guitar that earned Doc nine international tours to-date and three consecutive wins in the national fiddle contest’s certified division. This song-writing duo gives a casual and charming performance of their “fresh” arrangements of folk, country “oldies”, bluegrass, and old-time songs and tunes interspersed with their own originals. Their vocal and instrumental synergy, along with old-fashioned humor, lively audience participation and just plain having fun, defines all FRESH APPLES performances.

FRESH APPLES is now on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and many other music streaming platforms.”

A Taste of Fresh Apples (a short sampler from a performance in Colorado this summer)

Various recordings, both live and produced: