Chicago Store Clinic (hold off menu 8/2023)

Brought to you by the DBA
Chicago Store 
5646 E. Speedway Blvd
(520) 886-1516
Directions at:

The Desert Bluegrass Association, partnering with the Chicago Store, offers a series of workshops (we call them clinics) led by talented professional musicians with proven teaching success.

Hands-on sessions are offered on throughout the year on each bluegrass instrument (banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, bass, dobro).  Sessions on singing bluegrass harmonies, song writing, care of instruments and setup, jam techniques and etiquette, music theory, and sessions with multiple instruments also are offered.

Participants get to know local musicians and where they are performing, as well as receiving valuable instruction.  Many follow up with individual lessons.

The sessions are free to attendees.

For more information on these clinics or to suggest instructors/topics
contact Don Domkowski (520) 235-1518 or


 A note of appreciation from Daniel Stolte  12/6
I would like to do a shout-out and big Thank You to Don Domkowski and the DBA for providing access to Brad Davis during his visit to Tucson. I had never met Brad but was familiar with his work and just recently happened to buy one of his instructional books.
When I saw the announcement, I immediately called Don and asked, “Is this for real? You are bringing THE Brad Davis to town for a guitar clinic? The famous guy?”
I looked forward to the clinic at the Chicago Store and was not disappointed. To me, it was hands-down the best and most useful clinic I’ve ever attended.
The opportunity to learn from national-level musicians of Brad’s caliber who also know how to teach is a rare treat.
So, I’d like to thank all of you who help bring Brad to the Chicago Store.
He is a super-nice guy, and I was able to score a private lesson with him, which propelled me further ahead on my guitar journey than I would have ever imagined.
Being able to meet and learn from folks like Brad is in my mind one of the greatest perks of being a DBA member.