Greetings Bluegrass Aficionados!

Welcome to the Desert Bluegrass Workshop!

Our goal for the Workshop is to provide an encouraging and fun environment for beginner and intermediate musicians to learn to play bluegrass music.  Our class motto is, “Have the courage to be imperfect.”  What that means is we want to gently challenge our students to take musical risks and try out new things, without worrying about making mistakes.

This workshop is for all levels of players.  There are about  7 chord progressions commonly found in bluegrass. We look at how these progressions are similar in their structure but change in melody. This enables us to recognize new songs and quickly pick them up at jams.  We have created recordings of practice tracks for each progression at two different speeds for you to use for your practicing.
Progression Practice Rhythm Tracks

We work on finding the melodies and enhancing them during our playing. We also encourage individuals to come up and sing. We can all sing!! This is were you find your voice.

We look at jam etiquette and how to lead a song in a jam setting. One of the items that sets bluegrass aside from other genres of music is the “break”. A “break” is a solo of the melody during the song.  The workshop environment allows you to practice your break with other instruments and backup others without pressure or judgment. It is very friendly and safe place to improve.

This workshop is not just for beginners!

We recommend lots of great teachers. to help you learn to play your instrument.  The workshop is were you learn to be part of a group of musicians who can get together and play music on the fly. It is called “jamming” and what makes Bluegrass such a great genre!!!

We will also look at the history of Bluegrass. If you are going to play this music, you must know the history and listen to the music of the first generation bands.

At times we break out into small groups of players and create little bands of players.

At the end of the workshop we join together for announcements and a final song or two together.

WHO and WHY:
The Workshop is a program presented by the Desert Bluegrass Association; a non-profit, all-volunteer organization.  Since 1995, our mission has been to play and promote bluegrass music here in the Great Southwest.  We encourage you to check out our busy monthly calendar of events at our website    Plus, think about becoming a member, its just $20 a year.  You’ll get our newsletter and be a part of a great family.


Every Monday night from 6:30 to 8:30 in the Oasis Center at Christ Community Church at 7801 E. Kenyon (NW Corner of Pantano Road and Kenyon) .   View Map

Every Tuesday night from 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. in the Marana Community Center located adjacent to Ora Mae Harn Park 13250 N Lon Adams RoadMarana, AZ 85653.   View Map


2017/2018 Session 4 Songs
2017/2018 Session 3 Songs
2017/2018 Session 2 Songs
2017/2018 Session 1 Songs
Progression Practice Rhythm Tracks
Songs and Instrument Resources

Questions can be directed to:
Instructor:  Dave Polston 
Monday night workshop: Carole Wothe
Tuesday night workshop: Jeff Collins          (520) 403-4062
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