ANY CHANGES WILL BE POSTED HERE   a.s.a.k. (as soon as known)

FRIDAY           March 15
3:00pm            Ky Burt
4:00pm            John Hall
5:00pm            Wally Lawder

SATURDAY     March 16
10:45am           Anthem by Jam Pak
11:00am            Southern Comfort Band
12:00pm           Out of the Blue
1:00pm              Dusty River Band
2:00pm             Bill Ganz Western Band
3:00pm             Old Blue Band
4:00pm             Nick McBlaine and Logtrain

SUNDAY           March 17
9:45am             Anthem
​10:00am           Jam Pak
11:00am            Out of the Blue
12:00pm           Old Blue Band
1:00pm              Brokedown Palace
2:00pm             Bill Ganz Western Band
3:00pm             Nick McBlaine and Logtrain
4:00pm             Dusty River Band

END OF FESTIVAL – Thank you for attending.  We hope to see you again next year