Band Schedule

ANY CHANGES WILL BE POSTED HERE   a.s.a.k. (as soon as known)

FRIDAY           March 13
3:00pm           Instrument Contest
4:00pm           Band Scramble
5:00pm           High Lonesome

SATURDAY     March 14
8:45am           Anthem by Jam Pak
9:00am           Jam Pak
10:00am         Ocotillo Rain and Thunder
11:00am         Young MacDonald with Maria McArthur
12:00pm         Old Pueblo Bluegrass Band
1:00pm            Rusted Spurs
2:00pm           Romen Buffalo
3:00pm           Hard Road Trio
4:00pm           Sonoran Dogs

SUNDAY           March 15
9:45am             Anthem
​10:00am           Jam Pak
11:00am            Speedway Brothers
12:00pm           Titan Valley Warheads
1:00pm              Cisco and the Racecars
2:00pm             2 Lazy 2 Ranch Band
3:00pm             Hard Road Trio


Ron "Rudy" Mamula was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio where he played in the high school marching band!  He sang in the church choir with his two brothers and three sisters where their Mom was the choir director!

Rudy moved to Tucson in 1981 and started playing Bluegrass music at age 52!  When his younger brother Sam moved to Tucson the beginning of the Bluegrass Band Dusty River was formed!  Over the Last 15 years many local musicians played in the band and contributed their talent to the bands success.

Rudy had been president of the DBA for two years and started the East Tucson Bluegrass workshop and ran it for seven years at the Udall Park Rec Center!  It is still going on today under Dave Polston’s tutelage!