Workshop Resource Page

Welcome to the Workshop Resource Page. This is where you will find links to materials from or for the workshops.

Workshop songs

Current Year’s Songs are ALSO on the BOTTOM OF THE WORKSHOPS page

Dueling Banjos
2018/2019 Session 6 Songs
2018/2019 Session 5 songs
2018/2019 Session 5 extras
2018/2019 Session 4 songs
2018/2019 Session 3 Songs
2018/2019 Session 2 songs
2018/2019 Session 1 songs

2017/2018 Songbook (all 5 session songs)
2017/2018 Session 5 Songs
2017/2018 Session 4 Songs
2017/2018 Session 3 Songs
2017/2018 Session 2 Songs
2017/2018 Session 1 Songs

2016/2017 Song List


Essential Guide to Jamming from BRAINJO
The 7 Common Chord Progressions
Transposing Keys
Christmas song list
all i really need to know about bluegrass i learned in kindergarten
Resources for pickers
Some Bluegrass Songs (chords and lyrics)
Easy Being Green by Doc Simpson
Arizona Daily Star Bluegrass Christmas 24 Dec, 2012


Banjo pickers resources
Banjo tab sheet
Banjo teacher clinic notes from Spike


Bass scales and chords


Dobro fretboard
Dobro players resources
Dobro roll patterns
Dobro tab sheet


Mandolin 2 Finger chords
Mandolin 3 Finger chords
Mandolin chords
Mandolin fretboard map
Mandolin major scales
Mandolin tremolo
Mandolin triads


Bill Cheatem
Key of D
Major and minor
Soldiers Joy
CD Notes


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