Bill Ganz Western Band



The Bill Ganz Western Band [BGWB] was formed in 1992 to entertain guests at the resorts, guest ranches, and other venues in Tucson, AZ. The purpose of organizing the band was to preserve and maintain the music of the American West and the lore that came with it.

One of Bill Ganz’s visions was to bring this music to a wider audience. Through the help of then Mayor, Bob Walkup, a meeting was held with George Hanson, Conductor of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra. Bill’s dream was seeded and began to take root. Saddle Up! Music of the West, first concert in a series of three concerts with BGWB and Tucson Symphony Orchestra took place in 2010. The concert was well attended, as were the two following over a period of four years. The band has recorded multiple CDs as well as performed at many events in Tucson and greater Arizona, Oregon and Nebraska.